Our Case Studies

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West London Waste Booking System Replacement

WLWA have been under significant pressure over the past few years to continue disposing of the waste of these 6 boroughs in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner, despite the rapidly growing population of London in recent times.

Garden Waste Management Implementation

SWISCo, on behalf of Torbay Council, wanted to introduce a garden waste collection service to the residents of Torbay. This was a greenfield project with no prior system or process in place.

North East Lincolnshire Anti Social Behaviour System

North East Lincolnshire wanted to move away from recording instances of anti social behaviour on multiple spreadsheets and instead wanted a joined up solution which could enable sharing with their partners.

Blackpool Council Blue Badges

Blackpool Council needed a new blue badges system to connect with the DFT system for the changes brought in in early 2019. The project needed to be completed in very tight timescales and was created in direct collaboration with the service who were going to use it.

Enterprise System Replacement

Assisting Blackpool Council to replace an IT system from the market place that had become embedded across three directorates and multiple service areas over a number of years. The system was predominantly used for enforcement activities but had other modules that were utilized as well.

Gifts and Interests Register

The service required an online submission method that provided a quick and more efficient way for staff to register their interest(s) or submit a nil return as well as an improved collection and collation process to save the co-ordinators time and effort.

Fleet Management & Transport Solutions in Blackpool

Enabling Blackpool Council’s CVMU team to maintain an efficient and productive fleet of vehicles and plant whilst improving service and delivery performance.

Blackpool Streetscene Transformation Project

Delivering a platform that would enable joined-up IT for a combination of several existing services within Blackpool Council at the same time replacing two legacy software systems.

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Blackpool

Delivering a more co-ordinated approach to Anti-Social Behaviour and the protection of vulnerable victims. Blackpool Council developed a tiered approach responding to those at risk and developing a strategy to inform a robust and informed design for the future.

Customer Access Rethink, Redesign and Results

Helping Blackpool Council achieve One of the main goals for the new service was to enable the Council to have a holistic service view of its customers and for the customer service agent to fully resolve most enquiries at the first point of contact.

Commercial Waste Management

Effective waste management is crucial for local authorities and businesses alike. SWISCo operates a commercial waste department that provides collection services to just short of 1000 businesses. That equates to nearly 3000 tonnes of waste per year!


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We use a hybrid method based on computer science (how to code in the right way with the right tools) and psychology (working in human based organisations). We combined the more traditional approach of: Design -> Build -> Implement -> Operate with our emerging Agile method: Discovery -> Alpha -> Beta -> Live -> Retirement in order to be able to adapt to our customers needs/environments.