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ESB Commercial Waste

Product Description

ESB commercial waste system is a cloud software service for the management of trade and commercial waste customers and collections. Our system facilitates enhanced efficiencies, tangible savings and improved customer satisfaction levels. Since 2010, our commercial waste system has supported officers by allowing potential customers the ability to schedule a visit using our customisable contact forms.

As the system is full end-to-end digital, visiting officers have all the information they need about the prospective customer on the initial meeting in the field. This also allows the potential customer to sign up and avoids duplicate work upon return to the office.

Digital contracts and waste transfer notes can all be sent to customers while at the initial meeting with them. Once everything is signed online, the automation begins and starts requesting finance set up and ultimately, delivery of their bins without any officer intervention required.

As soon as the new customer has completed sign up, the finance is set up and the bins are delivered. Their collections will start to appear automatically on the appropriate collection round, accessible via our browser based in-cab solution. Each crew can log in and select their round, from here they complete their vehicle inspection, which can be sent off to your fleet management team, or if you use our fleet management system it will be automatically sent to them.

In-cab crews have several alternatives for viewing and arranging their collections and numerous options for completing jobs including adding images to failed jobs.
Upon completion of the collection day, any failed or contaminated collections are automatically reassigned where appropriate. This is customisable to your specific workflow.

Back-office staff can monitor the progress of collections on any given day via a dashboard that also gives them quick and easy access to customer details. Additionally, they are assisted in their role by complex business automation that is customisable to individual authority requirements, to ensure it meets your needs.

The system can be fully integrated with finance systems to allow for automated invoicing. Additionally, it can connect to online payments for on demand needs such as one-off collections or charges for sack collections for example.

At the end of the financial year, the system has a rollover wizard to assist in year-end tasks, such as schedule rollover and reissuing contracts and waste transfer notes. Our system offers true end to end functionality, with the flexibility authorities need from their software solutions.

ESB commercial waste has been designed and built by working alongside our local authority customers to ensure that the product always does what you need it to do.

The system comes with the following core capabilities:
• Complete managed service via the Cloud with full mobile capability
• Designed and developed from Local Government and public services
• Created for front line public services to reduce costs and improve service
• Rapid business deployment method that is flexible and iterative
• Sustainable, flexible and future proof

• Case management functionality
• Full Customer self service portal
• Fully online customer sign up and renewals
• Browser based with no specialist plugins required
• Creates WTN's and contracts automatically
• Handles ad hoc collections and reassigning collections to different routes
• Ability to link to finance for invoicing and online payments
• Full in cab solution offered direct through a browser
• Round and route planning
• Vehicle inspections built into the in-cab workflow
• Ability to create and send paper contracts using Gov-Notify by the customer

• Customer self service increases customer engagement and retention
• Reduction in officer administration required
• Increased automation reduces errors
• Modern web-based solution
• Enables digital transformation
• In-cab solution saves mistakes, time and money
• Review routes and work completed
• Identify the working state of vehicles and crews
• Fully flexible and customisable collection schedule reduces in year changes
• Fully (UK) hosted solution – nothing to install and maintain

ESB Commercial waste is built on the ESB service delivery platform, this utilises the latest in cloud computing technology. The platform is robust and flexible and hosted across multiple secure UK data centres for maximum resilience. ESB enables the deployment of new and templated applications in a rapid yet simple way supporting agile software methods and principles.


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