ESB Household Waste Recycling Centre Bookings

Product Description

Our household waste recycling centre booking system is the industry-leading solution, empowering organisations to manage access to their HWRC sites effectively. We are the only provider with roots in local government, and our products are designed and delivered with that at the very core.

Utilised by over 130 HWRC sites by councils and waste operators, our HWRC booking system seamlessly handles unlimited sites and bookings within your authority. By default, you can limit bookings based on waste streams, vehicle types and sites.

In addition, you can manage POPs and DIY waste bookings seamlessly on a single form with custom quotas and charging schedules. Our HWRC system also enables you to establish warning and block-list entries, aiding in the enforcement against users who are not authorised to access the sites.

All communications with residents are managed through the system, including confirmation and reminder emails and calendar attachments. Gov. Notify also offers the option to add SMS confirmations.

Our web form is designed with a customer-centric approach; our self-service platform allows users to book, modify and cancel slots within 60 seconds on a fully customisable and corporate-branded form that is WCAG 2.1 compliant as a minimum.

In the back office, the user-friendly interface ensures officers can quickly and efficiently create and amend bookings for those without web access, all within a unified ESB installation. Back-office users also have access to a plethora of reporting data and our web-based site checking-in tool, which can be accessed on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Our optional add-ons cover a wide range of potential requirements, including point-of-booking charges for DIY waste, DVLA integration for vehicle detail checks, and ANPR cameras. These add-ons are transparently priced to avoid any confusion.

You can access our HWRC demo hosted on our fictitious Penforth Council website.

If you want to schedule a demo, you can do so easily through Outlook bookings here

ESB Household Waste Recycling Centre Bookings


Online booking and cancellation facility, users can make, amend and cancel bookings online in under 60 seconds
Fully customisable booking form so you can capture what data is most important to you
Automated configurable confirmation emails with the option to add calendar reminders for residents
Flexible booking schedules to allow sites to all operate individual opening hours
Variable slot numbers to allow bigger sites to take more vehicles and vice versa
Automatic notifications to the customer via email and the option to send text messages via GOV notify
Configurable reminder emails sent at a predefined interval before the booking
Bulk cancellation module for shutting sites at short notice
Manage access to resources to allow for opening hours to be amended easily and quickly
Automated customisable workflow through the organisation
Ability to set complex booking rules such as limiting the number of bookings made by each household base upon address, registration or both
Ability to allow hire vehicles on site with flexibility in how its managed
Ability to allow different classifications of vehicles to be handled differently for example vans taking double slots
Recording of waste streams being deposited
Data management module for GDPR compliance
Built-in reporting services and the ability to export data easily to other reporting tools
Data extraction to familiar MS Office application formats
Bilingual customer-facing form
Online registration checker for validating bookings
Address lock to ensure only your residents are utilising your sites
Ability to directly supply your address data using an automated service
Blocklist functionality to stop bookings from vehicles that should not access sites
Warning list functionality to give site operatives valuable information about vehicles entering the sites
Site check-in module to allow sites to check vehicles easily and quickly and to add comments regarding bookings
Ward information and spatial information are automatically logged to allow special analysis and ward reporting
Option to integrate with on-site ANPR to automate vehicle entry
Option to take online payments for things like commercial waste visits
Option to check registrations against the DVLA database
Full branding to match your corporate site is included as standard
The ability to manage DIY waste enforcing visit limits
The ability to manage POPS and WUDS waste disposal
DVLA database registration checks
Option to integrate with on-site ANPR for automated vehicle entry
ESB Household Waste Recycling Centre Bookings


Ability to close sites and change opening hours easily
Reduction in the number of unauthorised vehicles entering the site leads to greater cost savings for the authority as unauthorised waste will not need to be disposed of
Reduction in staffing costs through better allocation of demand
More efficient running of sites, with more data on which sites are busy and when you can reallocate resources more effectively
Never be caught out by a rush at any of your sites again, with a booking system in place you will never suffer from unexpected demand
Close sites and change opening hours easily and quickly. Closed dates and times are not offered out to residents so no one will turn up to a closed site
ROI will typically be achieved within the first month
Increase recycling rates and reduce contamination
Complete branding to match your corporate site


Are you ISO 27001 certified?
Yes, we currently hold ISO 27001 certification in information security.

Where are the data centres you use based?
We only use AWS London based servers, data is never transferred outside of the United Kingdom.

Does your product offer single sign-on?
Yes, we offer single sing on via Azure AD free of charge. More information can be found on the following web page:

Can we use our own URL with ESB?
Yes you can, we offer this free of charge as part of the platform set up and more information regarding this can be found on the following web page:

Do you hold Cyber Essentials certification?
We do hold current Cyber Essentials certification.

Do you have ISO 9001?
Yes, we currently hold ISO 9001 certification in quality management systems.

Are you ITIL certified?
No, our support processes are modelled on the ITIL framework and form part of our ISO9001 quality management system to ensure we deliver a consistently high level of support to our customers. Incidents can be logged via phone, e-mail or online via our support portal.

Can we use our own domain with ESB?
Yes you can, we offer this free of charge as part of the initial platform set up and more information can be found on the following web page:

Where is the data located on the server and is the data housed on a shared server?
We operate and fully manage our own virtual servers, which are used exclusively for hosting our ESB platform. The servers do host a number of customers, with strict isolation policies in place to ensure each tenant remains secure from other tenants. You can read more about our tenant isolation strategy at the following web page:

Is there a centralised backup monitoring process?
Backup monitoring is part of our centralised monitoring system which is powered by the open-source Nagios monitoring solution. Monitoring includes verifying that backups are taking place as expected and that they are valid and readable. More information about our monitoring strategy can be found at the following web page:

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