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ESB Fleet Management

Product Description

ESB Fleet Management system is a cloud software service for managing every aspect of a fleet of vehicles, plant and associated assets. In use since 2010, it has been designed uniquely for the needs of local authority Transport Managers and caters specifically to the unique challenges faced by local authorities when managing an in-house fleet.

Utilising the latest in cloud computing technology, this application service is robust and flexible and hosted across multiple secure UK data centres for maximum resilience.

Key Features:
• Asset Register
• Scheduled and Reactive Maintenance Module
• Defect Management
• Driver Database
• Accident and Incident database
• Comprehensive integration with third party systems
• Complete managed service via the Cloud
• Designed and developed from Local Government
• Sustainable, flexible and future proof.

Asset Register
• Fully customisable asset register for vehicles and plant
• Track each item from purchase through to disposal
• Attach documents, pictures or any other media to an asset
• View the full history of each asset, including inspections, maintenance, accidents and defects
• Add custom fields to record additional information about your fleet that is not covered by the standard templates
Scheduled and Reactive Maintenance
• Define schedules for routine maintenance, including safety inspections, services and MOT testing
• Custom schedules allow you to schedule any kind of event, including those specific to your own circumstances
• Raise job cards for either routine or unplanned work and allocate them to staff
• Staff can view their work baskets and access work that has been allocated to them, updating job cards directly when work has been completed
• Full diary capabilities allow the exact time spent by each member of staff to be logged against job cards
• Notify service users via email when vehicles are required for maintenance, and when they are ready for collection
• Automatic alerts to transport team and/or service users when vehicles become overdue for critical work and must be taken off the road
• Record and manage fleet defects and advisory notices so that items can be addressed proactively

Driver Database
• Record details of all drivers in your organisation who drive your fleet
• Upload documents, photos and other information for secure storage against the driver’s record
• Keep track of training, CPC modules and other statutory data
• Data management module for GDPR compliance

Accident and Incident Database
• Record details of any accidents or incidents
• Link each entry to the appropriate vehicle and/or driver
• Upload any supporting documents
• Track the progress of accident reports/investigations and customise the workflow to align with your own corporate policies and procedures

Business Intelligence
• Standard out-of-the-box dashboards provide key information at-a-glance using gauges and graphs, and additional customised dashboards can be produced.
• Detailed reports can easily be written and made available to groups of users
• Integration with a range of industry-leading report-writing tools such as Crystal Reports

Authentication and Security
• Full integration with Active Directory for authentication and authorisation
• Support for single sign-on using SAML 2.0
• Flexible role-based architecture providing granular access control
• Comprehensive auditing facilities
• Optional two-factor authentication using either hardware or software tokens for enhanced security

Leverage the power of the ESB platform to integrate the ESB Fleet Management System with third-party systems such as payment providers, vehicle tracking systems and fuelling systems.


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