Who are Pentagull?

We’re a team of former local government IT professionals working hard to provide better, affordable and fairer IT services for Local Authorities.

With over 40 years’ experience between us and as the original authors of the Enterprise Service Builder (ESB) platform, we pride ourselves on our passion, knowledge and agile business delivery methods.


What can Pentagull do for you?

Our platform has been written BY local Government FOR local Government. We understand the challenges you face and we’re determined to make a change.

Whether you choose one of our prebuilt systems or use ESB to build your own system utilising our low code, no code platform, your concepts can be realised without the need for a professional developer.

All you need is an idea, and we’ll ensure a fast, uncomplicated, incredibly easy to use end to end software solution - sound like something you can get on board with? 

Great, give us a bell!  Contact Us


Where did we come from?

Good question, we originally formed as a spin-out from the Blackpool Council ICT department back in August 2011. Our initial team consisted of an Assistant Director of ICT, an ICT Senior Manager along with three Senior ICT Officers. ESB originally started out as Enterprise Business Flow (EBF) at Blackpool Council in February 2008, where its’ ease of implementation saw a rapid flourish, soon replacing and bringing on 28 business areas onto the platform, thus saving the Council hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.

Armed with the knowledge and experience of EBF, Pentagull and ESB was born! ESB, although similar to EBF has added features plus an extra element of commercial sustainability - which can only be a good thing right? We’re now delighted to be working with over 10 organisations, using our platform to collectively manage over 1000 processes, ranging from a simple online noise complaint report all the way up to a complete customer CRM system.  


So, what next?

Our aim is to bring ESB to you and your team. Our unique selling point as the original authors means we’re not beholden, we’ll NEVER be unsupported. ESB is built by us, specifically for local authorities, you can’t get more straightforward than that!