Fleet Management & Transport Solutions in Blackpool


Fleet Management & Transport Solutions in Blackpool

Integrated Transport and CVMU (Central Vehicle Maintenance Unit) is within the Community & Environmental Services Directorate of Blackpool Council and provides a range of services specifically around Fleet Management and Transport. Alongside these systems were over 30 spreadsheets and small databases required to help the teams capture data to their requirements.


The current systems were extremely slow and were not user friendly. Lynne Rowbottom, Transport Manager explained that they were "struggling to use the existing systems" and "were not able to easily and effectively use the systems to provide accurate, timely and complete management information.” The following are additional issues which were identified:

  • Not easy to access – number of steps, labelling of the system is not intuitive
  • Too many unnecessary fields on the system
  • Slow loading of screens
  • Lots of unnecessary screens to navigate
  • Invoicing is very difficult and time-consuming
  • Low productivity with the system
  • Lots of paper produced around the job cards for the mechanics
  • EMS passenger transport system not currently fit for purpose
  • Route planning is currently done on a manual basis


After a few initial scoping meetings, the ESB Digital Platform was identified as a replacement for the two main systems that were being used for Fleet Management and Children’s transport plus all the spreadsheets and databases that had grown over time. Using the design principles set out below each process was systematically configured on the ESB Digital Platform using a pragmatic agile development method that works by configuring the system to meet the requirements, training the team on how to use it, testing with real data and it is only signed off as accepted once it works from the Council’s perspective.

The main design principles of the new system emerged after studying the work were:

  • A system that matches Blackpool Council’s needs both today and tomorrow
  • An intuitive system
  • Less screens to navigate
  • Quicker loading screens
  • User friendly screens that are easy to navigate
  • Improving the invoicing sub-system, in particular integration with corporate financial system
  • Improving the route scheduling aspect of the system to allow some semi-automation of matching pupil’s requirements to vehicle features
  • Improve the job card sub system to reduce the paper handling
  • Ability to see what has been scheduled in via a dashboard type screen
  • Reporting – required by service for internal management as well as some statutory reports
  • Need to be able to produce information for traffic commissioner 

This led to a number of other areas being included and being developed in exactly the same way ie: working in a small team with a service lead and key operational staff. The following areas have now all been implemented with Stock Control being ready in early 2018:

  • Adult Transport
  • Rideability - Dial A Ride
  • SEN – Transport and Bus Pass
  • Fuelling integration – with Odyssey Fuel Management System

The solution is fully supported and delivered as a whole service thus ensuring that any issues are easily reported and dealt with.


  • Processing speed a lot quicker than what staff were used to. This is supported by Lynne Rowbottom, who believes "It's easier, quicker and the staff love it!". 
  • Significantly easier to handle workload. "Our workload is much easier to handle and turnaround time has been significantly reduced.”  Kirsty Barker, Team Leader - Integrated Transport & CVMU" 
  • Very easy to navigate. "Easy, effective, efficient and simple.” Shaun Louth, Team Leader - Integrated Transport & CVMU
  • It only contains information that is actually needed
  • Overall much more cost effective


The future for fleet management allows for a number of areas to improve and continue to improve for a number of years. Integration to services such as DVLA look ups and the DVSA earned recognition scheme are all on the road map for the fleet management product. 

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