Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Blackpool

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Blackpool


Customer Background

The Government and Local Agencies have identified the need for a more co-ordinated approach to AntiSocial Behaviour and the protection of vulnerable victims. Blackpool Council working with its partners and the Home Office have recognised the local issues and developed a tiered approach responding to those at risk and developing a strategy to inform a robust and informed design for the future.


Business Needs

The problem was not new and unique to Anti-Social Behaviour. The core issue is a direct result of a number of agencies dealing with similar issues in isolation within their own systems and varying levels of prioritisation. Each agency would only see their part of the problem and would never have sight of a wider view of things.

Although the new Antisocial Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference (ASBRAC) team led by Phil Coope was able to act as the main hub and co-ordinate a risk assessment system across all the local agencies, he still had the following challenges:

  • “clunky” and awkward information systems
  • Inconsistency in how things are recorded and presented
  • Things getting missed
  • Data being vulnerable and not as secure as it should be
  • Fragmented and patchy use of IT support systems i.e. email systems and spreadsheets


Solution and Delivery

Following the initial scoping meeting, the Pentagull team worked alongside the ASBRAC team to gather knowledge and insight of the work and the problems identified around the “clunky” nature of the existing fragmented information systems and flows. Once sufficient knowledge had been gathered a detailed schema that included the key flows of the work was produced. The next stage was to design of a “proof of concept” using the configuration module of Enterprise Service Builder based on the schema and flows of work. The ASBRAC team were able to test the system as it was being built and through a series of refinements the ASBRAC case management system was built in a relatively short period of time and made live. This was achieved without the traditional set of documents, excessive meetings to agree business process designs and project updates etc.



A case management system built to the needs of the customer using the ESB framework that works to support the ASBRAC work and adds value through reporting and mobile access.


User Comments

“After 6 months of improving partnership working and co-ordinating a number of high risk cases it became evident that in order to ensure a consistent, robust and auditable response by a number of agencies a case management system was essential.” Phil Coope, ASB Manager, Blackpool Council

“The new system does what I need it to do. I can now track the progress of each case, ensure that outstanding actions and reviews are updated expeditiously, and provide managers and supervisors with professional and meaningful reports. The system vastly reduces the administrative burden leaving me more time to work on cases.” Amanda McVittie, ASB Coordinator.

“We now have in place a case management system that provides the team with everything they need. We will be looking to provide direct access to the system for multi-agency workers in the near future working with the Pentagull team. This will massively help the sharing of consistent and accurate information to the right people where they need it. I would recommend the Pentagull team for their professional and dynamic approach to meeting our needs.” Phil Coope, ASB Manager 

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