Commercial Waste Management


Commercial Waste Management

Effective waste management is crucial for local authorities and businesses alike. SWISCo operates a commercial waste department that provides collection services to just short of 1000 businesses. That equates to nearly 3000 tonnes of waste per year!


SWISCo wanted to change its existing waste system as it could not keep up with the demand placed upon it. With this change, SWISCo also decided they wanted more from their new system.

They wanted one system to manage all aspects of the service, from customer and collection details to in-cab and customer self-service. 

They also wanted to reduce annual paper-heavy renewals that were costly and time-consuming. 


ESB Commercial Waste offers a comprehensive cloud software service to optimize the management of trade and commercial waste customers and collections. The system's end-to-end digital capabilities have streamlined the waste management processes, leading to increased efficiencies, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction, in addition to the core functions of customer and collection schedule management. 

We also implemented a full in-cab solution to manage bin delivery and waste collection. 

We implemented a customer self-service portal where users can easily view their collections and paperwork and manage their annual renewals online. It also allows them to make one-off collection requests and changes to their collection schedule without the need for the office to get involved. 

ESB Commercial Waste has proven to be a game-changer in commercial waste management. By leveraging cloud computing technology and providing end-to-end digital capabilities, the system has transformed waste management processes, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction. 

Here is what Ashley Hale the Commercial Collections Manager at SWISCo had to say.

"The system designed by Pentagull is an absolute game changer

The service that we have received from day one when just talking about the concept of what we looked to achieve by changing the way and how we wanted the future to look has far exceeded any service levels I have experienced or imagined possible.

I have worked in the waste management industry for the same company here at SWISCo which was previously TOR2 and Torbay Council since 2003 and seen many changes happen.

Whilst being open to changes of system tools, I have always naturally had an edge of uncertainty in the back of my mind especially with overhauling large changes to systems that we so heavily rely on to be accurate however Pentagull have elevated any doubts or uncertainty that I may have had.

We went from being heavily reliant on manual, laborious processes which has not only been expensive and time consuming when renewing annual contracts and legal duty of care documentation and payments. To what is now a modern and extremely user friendly ESB system that has been designed based on the collaborative team vision here at SWISCO in conjunction with Pentagull team making it easy to use for both clients and staff.

We were not only provided with what we asked for but then enhanced and guided by the knowledge and innovation provided from Stuart, Lee and the team at Pentagull in order to provide a product that quite literally we never anticipated the ability that a well-designed system could flow, to ensure customer and business satisfaction.

Will certainly continue to look to Pentagull in the future."


Seamless Digital Process: From scheduling visits to collecting waste, the entire process is digitally streamlined, reducing paperwork and enabling a fully mobile workflow.

Automation and Integration: Digital contracts and waste transfer notes are sent to customers on-site, initiating automated finance setup and bin deliveries without officer intervention.

In-cab Solution: The browser-based in-cab solution provides crews with route information, vehicle inspections, and the ability to handle failed jobs, optimizing collections.

Customer Self-Service: The self-service portal enhances customer engagement and retention by allowing customers to manage their waste collections efficiently.

Reduced Officer Administration: Automation and real-time information have significantly reduced the administrative burden on officers, enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Increased Automation: Automation has minimized errors and delays, improving operational efficiency.

Digital Transformation: The system's web-based nature promotes digital transformation, enhancing agility and adaptability in waste management operations.

In-Cab Solution: The in-cab solution has reduced mistakes, saved time and money, and allowed crews to monitor vehicle and crew status efficiently.

Improved Route Planning: Real-time visibility of collections helps optimize route planning and ensures more effective waste collection services.


Moving forwards, we are working with SWISCo to produce financial forecasting tooling to allow then to understand the upcoming year and the income and expenditure they can expect in real-time. 

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