Blackpool Council Blue Badges


Blackpool Council Blue Badges

Blackpool Council required a new one stop shop for managing their blue badge application process following the impending arrival of the new Department for Transport system. The new system needed to be procured and implemented in a tight timescale.


The new system needed to manage all aspects of the Councils Blue badge requirements. It is required to pull down new applications and then manage them through the whole workflow.

It needed to be able as a minimum to provide

  • Integration with the new DfT application service / API’s
  • Automatically download new applications (including supporting evidence)
  • Automated case creation from application retrieval
  • Powerful and flexible workflow capability
  • A complete managed service via the Cloud
  • Flexible, iterative and rapid business deployment method
  • Full configuration by the customer without the need for any in-depth programming skills
  • Medical Assessment Management 
  • GDPR compliance via the use of our inbuilt GDPR module


The solution was worked on jointly between Blackpool and Pentagull to get a product that did exactly what the council wanted and needed to do. The product was rapidly developed from scratch on our ESB platform which allowed us to leverage its already significant resources which enabled s to turn around a new process in such a short timescale.

"We collaborated closely with Pentagull to create a Blue Badge system that really worked for us. They delivered exactly what we wanted and needed, working to an extremely tight deadline our system was operational in early February in time for the new DfT system going live."


  • Enables digital transformation
  • Significant savings in time taken to process transactions and cases
  • Comprehensive case management
  • A system capable of growing and changing easily to meet future needs
  • Allowing customers to transact at a time that suits them
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduction in paperwork


Pentagull and Blackpool Council will continue to work together further refining and adding to the project as opportunities and needs arise to make sure that staff have the best possible tools at their disposal. 

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