Our new commercial waste system!

The upcoming G-cloud 13 release that is due to go-live on 9th November includes 28 listed ESB products, many of which are existing applications. However, this new release contains 5 new ESB products, which will be available to purchase directly from the marketplace post go-live. One of the new products is our ESB commercial waste system.

Our ESB commercial waste system is a cloud software service for the management of trade/commercial waste customers and collections.

The system manages the complete customer lifecycle from initial business enquiries through to crew collections. As the system offers full end-to-end digital management, visiting officers have all the information they need about a prospective customer on the initial meeting to complete new customer sign ups. This means all sign-up documentation, contracts and waste transfer notes can be completed and instantly sent to customers electronically.

Our scheduling calendar allows full customisation for each customer ensuring they get what lifts they need, when they need them, which in turn helps to reduce in year modifications.

Integration to your preferred finance solution is available with integration to your online payment provider, available for items such as bundles of sacks for sack only collections.

A standard customer lifecycle in our system is shown below:

  • Initial enquiry
  • Complete signup on tablet with customer
  • Send out electronic contract and WTN
  • Send finance set up requests
  • Create bin delivery jobs and allocate to in cab software
  • One bin is marked as delivered, mark customer as active and schedule collections on in cab devices
  • Monthly billing run calculates collections to be charged for and sends to finance for billing

Our commercial waste system is proven to improve efficiency and make life easier for back-office staff. One of the many benefits is the functionality to monitor the progress of collections on any given day, via our custom build dashboard, which also provides quick and easy access to the appropriate customer details.

If you would like to speak to us regarding our commercial waste system, please contact us at hello@pentagull.co.uk. Our ESB commercial waste product will be available to purchase directly from the marketplace, upon the G-cloud 13 release on 9th November 2022.

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