ESB 23.07 Released

Pentagull is pleased to announce the release of version 23.07 of the ESB platform. This release builds on recent work to prepare the product for migration to .NET core by removing a number of legacy API methods. There are also a number of new features in the areas of document management, self-service and system configuration, as well as some enhancements for developers.

What's new for System Configurators?

We’ve introduced two new business rules: The IsMatch rule can be used to validate a string against a regular expression, and the SubGetField rule can be used to retrieve a field from a sub form.

Document types can now have their own deletion schedules, giving you greater control over how and when documents are deleted.

What’s new for developers?

We’ve expanded the tags feature to cover message templates. Tags are all about allowing developers to write portable, easily maintainable code that can run across multiple ESB installations with no changes.

What’s new for end users?

When viewing a work item, there’s now a new tab specifically for viewing sent e-mail messages. Previously you had to go to the Documents tab and set the filter to Sent E-mails in order to view them, and many users didn’t feel this was particularly intuitive. As part of this change we’ve also introduced a more granular approach to permissions, so you can control which roles can view which e-mail templates.

In 23.07 you can still continue to view e-mails via the Documents tab so there will be no immediate impact to your users, however by 23.10 we will be removing sent e-mails from the documents tab, so please take the opportunity to configure the new E-mails tab before October.

Further Reading

A complete set of changes can be found in the Technical Release Notes available via the ESB Agile documentation site. If you are a Pentagull customer, you will receive this release in accordance with your agreed release schedule. Should you have any questions about this release, please contact your account manager, or reach out to us at

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