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ESB Short Term Letting Licensing

Product Description

ESB Housing Licensing system provides your authority with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your applications online from start to finish all in one system. Designed in conjunction directly with local authorities to ensure it's fit for purpose and efficient. Our software will save you time and money allowing you to use it where it's needed.

Our Short Term Lets system is an offshoot from our existing Housing Licensing product which has a lot in common in terms of process and flow. It provides authorities with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage applications online from start to finish, all in one system. It allows for a comprehensive fully online service to submit and track applications for all types of short let licences with a facility to copy basic licence details to new licences to cut down on repetitive work. It also supports mygov.scott account integration.

The 4 types of licence supported and required by the scheme are

  • Home sharing
  • Home letting
  • Secondary letting
  • Home letting and home sharing

On top of this, our system includes the functionality to view historic licenses and re-download certificates for existing licenses enabling a high level of customer self service to help reduce the burden on officers.

The system can be tailored to each individual organisation for document production, styling and flow and the online payments integration is done directly through your preferred payment provider offering a seamless and easy to navigate process for customers.

It allows a comprehensive fully online service to submit and track applications for a Selective, Additional HMO or Mandatory HMO licence as well as continue saved applications. It also allows Scottish authorities to manage short lets licensing.
It enables your customers to view historic licenses and re-download certificates for existing licences and it also provides the legislative public register for licences.
Online payments are taken through your preferred payment provider and can be taken in two parts, one for application and then a payment for the actual license either online through your payment portal provider or there is flow in the system to accommodate you using your internal invoicing system to raise invoices separately and then record them in the Licensing portal system.
Included in the system is a full Housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) scoring calculator.

The system comes with the following core capabilities:
• Complete managed service via the Cloud with full mobile capability
• Designed and developed from Local Government and public services
• Created for frontline public services to reduce costs and improve service
• Rapid business deployment method that is flexible and iterative
• Sustainable, flexible and future proof

• Document management with upload capability and generation of relevant documentation
• GDPR compliance via the use of our inbuilt GDPR module
• Single portal for all communications with multiple transaction capability
• HHSRS Scoring
• Suitable for Mandatory, Selective, Additional and Voluntary Licensing schemes
• Staggered application process with save and resume functions
• Streamlined online licence application processes and payments with digital signature
• Online public landlords register included
• Landlords and agents can manage applications online reducing contact
• Highly automated process, automated document production and expiry notifications
• Includes short lets licensing

• Efficiency gains through the automation of communication through various channels
• Integrated directly to your payment provider
• Reduce incomplete or incorrect applications
• Improves customer engagement and uptake, digitisation and channel shift
• Easy to maintain, minimises impact on IT
• Totally secure information and service provision
• Can be tailored to your organisation
• Enables end to end digital processes improving customer service
• Address validation via UPRN to prevent incorrect scheme applications
• Free up officer time to focus on prevention and enforcement

ESB Housing Licensing system is built on the ESB service delivery platform, this utilises the latest in cloud computing technology. The platform is robust and flexible and hosted across multiple secure UK data centres for maximum resilience. ESB enables the deployment of new and templated applications in a rapid yet simple way supporting agile software methods and principles.


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