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ESB Online Forms

Product Description

Pentagull’s ESB Online forms solution is a cloud software service for the delivery of online digital transactions through the use of modern, responsive and highly configurable online forms.  It is based on our ESB platform, which has been designed uniquely for automating services in local government to reduce costs and facilitate better service fulfilment.

Utilising the latest in cloud computing technology, this agile application service is robust and flexible and hosted across multiple secure UK data centres for maximum resilience. The ESB Self-Service Portal solution facilitates the rapid deployment of online forms either from scratch or based on our growing library of templates.

By default, all submitted forms will be sent to a designated e-mail address for processing.  However, if you require a deeper integration with your existing systems or you wish to use the ESB platform to manage your processes end-to-end, this can easily be achieved by purchasing additional modules.

The ESB Self-Service Portal uses the latest web standards such as HTML 5 and CSS, along with industry-leading toolkits such as Bootstrap and JQuery.  All generated forms conform to WCAG level AA or above, ensuring they are accessible to the widest audience.  We regularly perform testing of our products using a variety of assistive technologies such as screen readers, and we are proud of our pro-active and “real-world” approach to accessibility.



  • Build dynamic, responsive online forms that work across a wide range of modern web-enabled devices, from desktop PCs to tablets and mobile phones.
  • Use corporate branding to fully integrate the look and feel of the portal with other web sites in your portfolio
  • Customers can register to create a citizen account with the portal to track the progress of items they have submitted and pre-populate service requests and applications with common fields, enter once and use many times principle
  • Customers through their citizen’s account can select a number of options to build their profile and access more specific information pertinent to their location and preferences
  • Complete managed service via the Cloud
  • Rapid business deployment method that is flexible and iterative
  • Full configuration by the customer without the need for in-depth programming skills



  • Channelling demand onto self-service reduces costs per transaction
  • Provides real time accurate data that assists management and teams to make better decisions
  • Significant savings in time taken to process transactions and cases
  • Gives opportunity for citizen personalisation
  • A system capable of growing and changing easily to meet future needs
  • Allows customers to transact at a time that suits them




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