Business Consultancy

Our services include
  • Project Management
  • Cloud migration consultancy
  • GDPR Compliance consultancy
  • Licence Review
  • ESB Business Health Check

Technical Consultancy

ESB technical services include
  • Business Analytics and KPI Reporting
  • Customisation Consultancy
  • Implementation Consultancy
  • Back office Integration Services
  • ESB Technical Health Check


Our courses cover
  • End User Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Reports User Training


We have acquired our knowledge and expertise over many years building a team of dedicated professionals who thrive on solving your problems and opportunities.

See us in action. Our methods work!

We use a hybrid method based on computer science (how to code in the right way with the right tools) and psychology (working in human based organisations). We combined the more traditional approach of: Design -> Build -> Implement -> Operate with our emerging Agile method: Discovery -> Alpha -> Beta -> Live -> Retirement in order to be able to adapt to our customers needs/environments.