ESB Blue Badges
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ESB Blue Badges

Our ESB Blue Badges solution is a cloud software service for the management of Blue Badges Our system facilitates enhanced efficiencies, tangible savings and improved customer satisfaction levels.

It integrates to the new Department for Transport (DfT) portal and will automatically retrieve new Blue Badge applications. On successful capture of a new application, an application record will be automatically created and initiate a workflow process, allowing review and assessment of the downloaded forms and supporting evidence. This allows the local authority to process the application alongside the new Blue Badge national system in line with legislation and local policy.

ESB Blue Badges has been designed and built by working alongside one of our local authority customers to ensure that the product adheres to national and local standards.

Our  provides you with:

Key features:  

  • Integration with the new DfT application service / API’s
  • Automatically download new applications (including supporting evidence)
  • Automated case creation from application retrieval
  • Powerful and flexible workflow capability
  • A complete managed service via the Cloud
  • Flexible, iterative and rapid business deployment method
  • Full configuration by the customer without the need for any in-depth programming skills
  • GDPR compliance via the use of our inbuilt GDPR module
  • Manages medical assessments

Big benefits:

  • Enables digital transformation
  • Significant savings in time taken to process transactions and cases
  • Comprehensive case management
  • A system capable of growing and changing easily to meet future needs
  • Allowing customers to transact at a time that suits them
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduction in paperwork

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