ESB Customer Services
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ESB Customer Services

Product Description

ESB Customer Services is a cloud software service that readily and effectively meets all of your customer contact needs for managing customer demand across all channels through to service fulfilment in local government and public services.

It provides the ability to design, deliver and scale as your requirements change, in a highly secure, robust and flexible environment.

ESB Customer Services is built on the ESB service delivery platform, this utilises the latest in cloud computing technology. The platform is robust and flexible and hosted across multiple secure UK data centres for maximum resilience. ESB enables the deployment of new and templated applications in a rapid yet simple way supporting agile software methods and principles.



  • Fully functional customer services application developed directly from local government
  • Customer contact digital platform
  • Transactional digital by default web portal
  • Self-service/ digital services including citizen account
  • Underlying business rules engine can be readily configured to meet local needs
  • Secure role based access control mechanism
  • Utilisation monitoring and management reporting
  • Flexibility - configurable by the customer
  • Mobility - work is moved in real time to the right person to do the work
  • Accessibility - data presented to the right place in the preferred form
  • GIS capable – built-in ability to spatially plot enquiries using a range of third-party GIS providers
  • Integration – readily integrates with other frontline and back office systems



  • Highly efficient and effective system enables substantial savings in time and operating costs
  • Enables end-to-end operations that focus on customer fulfilment
  • Provides real time accurate data that assists management and teams to make better decisions
  • Significant savings in time taken to process transactions and cases
  • A system capable of growing and changing easily to meet future needs.



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